Monday, October 22, 2007

Eva Longoria changing her last name into Parker?

Seems like Demi Moore started a new trend when she take her husband Ashton Kutcher’s last name. And now Eva Longoria has announced that she, too, will be adopting the last name of her husband Tony Parker. (French NBA Player)

This 32-year old “Desperate Housewives” actress told the press that she is stinking with tradition by becoming Eva Longoria Parker and she thinks that she loves every aspect of it!

Eva continued, “I actually completely adopted the new name and I love it - I’m a Parker now! I love every bit of it - I like the tradition of changing the name. I’ve been getting used to being called Mrs. Parker for a while now, it’s really nice to hear. Especially in Texas, everyone is really respectful there.”

But Eva reports that they're not in a hurry and they're taking things one at a time. They're still enjoying the honeymoon period of their marriage, Longoria also reports that kids aren’t in the near future.“Not for me, and not for Gabrielle,” she told press, referring also to her DH character Gabrielle Lang.

Well, its good to hear that one.. I think every woman should take their husband last name after the marriage. Two thumbs to you Mrs. Eva Longoria Parker!


she doesn't look 32 to me, she's really beautiful.. anyway, she should've really done that..and that's good!

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