Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nicole Kidman is the Fairest of them all

2012 Golden Globes Award: Nicole Kidman

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jesse James: "Very Upset" Over Situation

After the big sound that the scandal has made about the split-up of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James and the very intriguing reason rumors claiming about, Bullock still manage to keep her mouth shut, still no announcement or no comment at all up to this time.

Jesse James was spotted last Sunday (March 21) at Huntington Beach, California while he was leaving their home in which he shares with Sandra.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee had previously claimed their 11-month affair. After that announcement Jesse life became dump. On the People Magazine an insider tells “He was very quiet. He seems very upset but also very happy to be back at work. Everyone is just trying to be understanding and supportive. He is actually a really nice guy and a good friend”

Jesse sure really be upset especially to himself. He was upset for he knows he did wrong and bad. Although Jesse still wears their wedding ring, perhaps he is hoping for a chance. On related news, Jesse asks for apology for the scandal he had made, for the pain and trouble he had put her family. He also was hoping that someday his wife and his children will forgive him.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Past Cocaine Use, Hospitalization

Kendra Wilkinson finally opens up her past to the public. Admittedly, when she was 13 she was with a “rebel group”, she also started cocaine use by this time, she said “"All of a sudden they broke out this white stuff, I did it, and I started feeling this big ball of chalk going down my throat and I was like 'what is this ****! Ew this is so gross.'. After that I started feeling pretty good. That was the start of my drug days."

Kendra perhaps walks to a dark kind of life when she was teen. After her mother found out what she’s doing, her mother immediately brought her to a secured psychiatric facility. Kendra stayed there for 2 weeks. “It was crazy in that place, a lot of those kids were suicidal like me and we didn’t see daylight. We weren’t allowed outside. It was basically a jail, but it was a hospital” Kendra added.

For some it was not a surprised to know she’d been into hell like that, but on the positive side t least Kendra has a much better life now. She learns to mold herself, and she’d learn to change things into good one. At the moment she’s successful in her chosen career.

Well, I see Kendra as a strong women, to experienced that kind of life is not a joke, and she’s so brave to have stand up on her own after been dump into nowhere to described kind of life. Kendra was not the only women who experienced drug abuse when she was a teen but Kendra was one of the few who overcome those abuses.

Victoria Beckham Jets Off to Nurse David Back to Health

Former Spice Girls member, Victoria Beckham’s husband David previously had an accident injury during his play for AC Milan against Chievo. David had collapse while on the field on the final minute of their game. He had undergone Achilles tendon surgery and successfully overcome it. The surgery was done by a specialist in Finland today.

On Monday (March 15) Victoria was spotted at the Lax Airport. She had scheduled herself for an overseas flight all the way to Europe. She was taken a photos while on the airport, she ensembles herself on all black attire.

Moment like this, Victoria was really needed by her husband, and Victoria dutifully playing her role as a wife, she will spend her full time taking care of her husband. David needs that most to get back his health.
On the press release Victoria stated to her husband’s fans am upset but want to thank everyone for their messages of support, hope to make a swift and fill recovery”. Support messages make the feeling a lot acceptable and make recovery faster.

Really the situation is upsetting, but pray and hope is the strongest weapon to overcome such situation like this.

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