Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Victoria Beckham Jets Off to Nurse David Back to Health

Former Spice Girls member, Victoria Beckham’s husband David previously had an accident injury during his play for AC Milan against Chievo. David had collapse while on the field on the final minute of their game. He had undergone Achilles tendon surgery and successfully overcome it. The surgery was done by a specialist in Finland today.

On Monday (March 15) Victoria was spotted at the Lax Airport. She had scheduled herself for an overseas flight all the way to Europe. She was taken a photos while on the airport, she ensembles herself on all black attire.

Moment like this, Victoria was really needed by her husband, and Victoria dutifully playing her role as a wife, she will spend her full time taking care of her husband. David needs that most to get back his health.
On the press release Victoria stated to her husband’s fans am upset but want to thank everyone for their messages of support, hope to make a swift and fill recovery”. Support messages make the feeling a lot acceptable and make recovery faster.

Really the situation is upsetting, but pray and hope is the strongest weapon to overcome such situation like this.


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