Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Past Cocaine Use, Hospitalization

Kendra Wilkinson finally opens up her past to the public. Admittedly, when she was 13 she was with a “rebel group”, she also started cocaine use by this time, she said “"All of a sudden they broke out this white stuff, I did it, and I started feeling this big ball of chalk going down my throat and I was like 'what is this ****! Ew this is so gross.'. After that I started feeling pretty good. That was the start of my drug days."

Kendra perhaps walks to a dark kind of life when she was teen. After her mother found out what she’s doing, her mother immediately brought her to a secured psychiatric facility. Kendra stayed there for 2 weeks. “It was crazy in that place, a lot of those kids were suicidal like me and we didn’t see daylight. We weren’t allowed outside. It was basically a jail, but it was a hospital” Kendra added.

For some it was not a surprised to know she’d been into hell like that, but on the positive side t least Kendra has a much better life now. She learns to mold herself, and she’d learn to change things into good one. At the moment she’s successful in her chosen career.

Well, I see Kendra as a strong women, to experienced that kind of life is not a joke, and she’s so brave to have stand up on her own after been dump into nowhere to described kind of life. Kendra was not the only women who experienced drug abuse when she was a teen but Kendra was one of the few who overcome those abuses.


Kudos to Kendra for opening up about something so personal and something that many people endure. Glad to see she was able to overcome something many people cant. We tend to forget the fact that celebrities are real people too.

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